How To Stop Overthinking

Powerful and practical tools to reduce overthinking, anxiety and worry. Free workshop.

Learn proven mindfulness based tools to reduce overthinking and anxiety in this free 40 minute workshop. Designed and delivered by the founder of Mindfulness Works, Karl Baker.

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  • Practical ways to reduce overthinking and worry.
  • Workshop is 100% live.
  • Experience a guided mindfulness practice that regulates your nervous system.
  • Recording of workshop is available for you to watch, if you miss the live session.

Next Workshop Wed 5th June 6.30pm AEST: Book Your Place Now

Stop being imprisoned by your thoughts

Learn how to watch your thoughts, rather than be imprisoned by them

Free Yourself From Overthinking

Overthinking is an indication that your nervous system is overwherlmed. Learn practical ways to calm and regulate your nervous system.

Stop Your Inner-Critic

Your inner-critic is a bully! Learn a simple way to stop your inner-critic you can use straight away.

Designed and Facilitated by Mindfulness Works Founder Karl Baker

Over 40,000 people have completed the Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation course, Mindfulness Works founder and Managing Director Karl Baker created.

“Karl was brilliant, so easy to listen to, open, welcoming, kind, passionate, considerate, validating and informative.” 

Erin Harvey

“I found Karl to be great at facilitating. He is a genuine, kind and humble person. He is also very passionate and his passion to help people comes through.”

Ankur Sarawal

“Karl is an amazing, expert yet accessible teacher whose job description is human. His enthusiasm is contagious.”

Chris Egan

“I loved Karl’s teaching. He was enough to keep things moving along in a light hearted way without overpowering individual needs within the group”

Susan Parminter