Mindfulness Works Follow Up Courses and Workshops

Wanting to continue your mindfulness journey? Check out our official follow up courses and workshops!

Mindfulness 2.0 – Official Follow Up Course

The official follow up to our Introduction to Meditation Course. A four week course (one hour per week) exploring safety, life-satisfaction and the power of connection. Mindfulness 2.0 courses are available in-person and live online.

Mindfulness Plus – Regular Workshops and Masterclasses

Mindfulness Plus are regular deep dive workshops and masterclasses sessions on a variety of topics from anxiety reduction to self-compassion to sleep improvement. Simply register and attend the sessions you are interested in.

Taking Stress Off Your Plate – Mindful Eating Masterclass

How stress, exhaustion and lack of sleep are sabotaging your weight loss and wellbeing goals, even when you’re diligently counting calories and crushing it at the gym. Learn mindful eating in this Masterclass, to put YOU back in charge of your eating choices, instead of being at the whim of your emotions and cravings.

Mindfulness Plus Gift Cards

Share the love by buying a friend a Mindfulness Experience Gift Card. Card value can be redeemed for any Mindfulness Works course. Easy to set up and email to a friend as a gift. Learn more here.

One on One Mindfulness Coaching

Gain a new perspective! Use the power of mindfulness to transform your life where it matters the most. Get expert support one on one from a highly experienced mindfulness coach.