Awakening to Self-Love Half Day Meditation Retreat

Saturday 10th August 9.30am – 12.30pm. $80. 

Peregian Community Centre, 5-7 Rufous Street Peregian Beach

Experience a precious opportunity to relax into the perfect naturalness of your own being.

Enjoy guided meditation practices that reaffirm your already OK nature and allow you to relax fully into your own heart.

This is your time. Let go of any other agenda except your own wellbeing. Learn to deeply trust your own experience and wake up to your inherent natural love.

Relax, let go and let be as you are supported in a relaxed environment with expert guidance.

Enjoy lunch together afterwards at Periwinkle restaurant (optional and not included in retreat fee).

Experience Natural Self-Love

Self-love is natural to you. Let your true nature come to the fore and be reminded that you were born OK and have always been OK. 

Whether you have never meditated before, are a beginner or an experienced meditator, this retreat offers you everything you need to experience the benefits of the silent meditation retreat environment.

The retreat will comprise of guided meditations, walking meditation, meditation teachings and an opportunity for question and answers.

This retreat is tech-free and silent. There will be opportunities for questions, answers and group discussion.

Meditation Teacher – Karl Baker

Karl is the founder of Mindfulness Works Australia and has been practising meditation and mindfulness for 22 years. He offers classes in the Noosa area and retreats throughout Australia.  He has studied one on one with leading Australasian teachers and leads a community of 50 mindfulness meditation teachers as part of Mindfulness Works.

Karl’s teaching is non-religious, non-dogmatic and reaffirms your own authority and trusting your own experience. He is trauma informed. Karl has a passion for the loving aspects of meditation practice, which he trusts naturally arise for all of us as we learn to recognise, remember and allow this.

“Karl was brilliant, so easy to listen to, open, welcoming, kind, passionate, considerate, validating and informative.” – Erin Harvey

“I found Karl to be great at facilitating. He is a genuine, kind and humble person. He is also very passionate and his passion to help people comes through.” – Ankur Sarawal

“Karl is an amazing, expert yet accessible teacher whose job description is human. His enthusiasm is contagious.” – Chris Egan

“I loved Karl’s teaching. He was enough to keep things moving along in a light hearted way without overpowering individual needs within the group” – Susan Parminter

Optional Lunch Afterwards

You are invited to attend a lunch at Periwinkle Restaurant afterwards. This lunch will be on a user-pays basis, and is in addition to the retreat price of $80. 

Awakening to Self-Love Half Day Meditation Retreat