Reviews and feedback for Mindfulness Works

“Am so glad I did this course, I would recommend it to anyone” – Rosie Smith

“Huge reduction in anxiety, calmness of mind and body and empowerment over my symptoms.” – Jo Kirwan

“I feel calmer. I am able to use techniques when my triggers go off. Using the meditation at night has allowed me to get a better nights sleep” – Sue Mathew

“Using mindfulness to help me better manage unrelenting anxiety, obsessive worrying & sadness. I have found that using the apps is helpful when having a stressful day, & I intend to keep practicing daily. Thank you.” – Cecily Wilson

“Mindfulness is now my go-to tool when I’m overwhelmed or need to re focus” – Biljana Rufati

“[the benefits I received from the course were] Strategies to help with anxiety,
Calming an overthinking mind” – Nicola Pol

“The facilitator was exceptionally good. Really highly skilled.” – Victoria Barkway

“The facilitator took her time to explain things, asked questions, and was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.” – Janine Taylor

“The facilitator was interesting, captivating, funny, down-to-earth, compassionate and extremely good at what she does.” – Rosie Smith

“The facilitator presented well and had a very calming demeanour. I looked forward to the class every week” – Paulette Fraser

“[The benefits I received from the course were] learning that your thoughts & feelings are normal and a natural part of being human” – Rod Henderson

“[The course] covered all key areas of peoples’ basic issues and addressed them well. I also like the apps you recommend and all the extra info in the booklet!” – Biljana Rufati

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