The Radical Self-Acceptance 14 Day Experience

Do you want to experience more self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness?

Stop the “you are not good enough feeling” getting in your way.

Free yourself from the need to be perfect, and become your own best friend.

Realise your inherent OKness and easily embed self-care, self-love and self-acceptance into your daily life.

“By being radically self-accepting, you can genuinely put yourself first. You can fill your own tank, before giving to others. ” – Experience designer and facilitator, Karl Baker

You are OK.

Radical self-acceptance is your birth-right.

You were born perfectly OK.

Your up-bringing, conditioning, culture, media and social media gives you the message that there is something wrong with you, you are incomplete or that you need fixing. This is the shame cycle.

You break the shame cycle, with the awareness cycle.

The awareness cycle breaks you free you from the prison of the shame cycle. You practice starting from a place of being OK and using awareness to allow, accept and love all the parts of you that fall short of your unrealistic ideals.

Let the 14-day experience do the heavy lifting for you

The 14 Day Radical Self-Acceptance Experience has been designed to make it easy to embed the awareness cycle in your life.

You are encouraged and supported every step of the way.

The structure, sessions and practices are all actively facilitated to provide inspiration, expertise and guidance.

You can relax into the practices as they naturally enhance your capacity for awareness, acceptance, love and embracing all parts of yourself. Let the practices themselves reveal your inherent and natural OKness.

There is strength in numbers, and you can enjoy the support and shared intention for self-acceptance with your fellow experience participants in the three community connection events.

What You Get With The 14 Day Radical Self-Acceptance Experience

Two 15-minute live guided Radical Self-Acceptance meditations every day for 14 days.

Imagine starting each day with a powerful reminder that you are OK.

Receive constant support at the start and end of every day for 21 days. Radical-Self Acceptance. Experience includes two 15 minute live guided meditations via Zoom every day for 21 days, that are long enough to be effective and short enough to fit into a busy schedule.  Be grounded and balanced throughout the day with a morning meditation. Enjoy a warm embrace in the evening, with a relaxing meditation focusing on deep self-acceptance.  Come to them all, or choose to participate in the ones that fit in with your schedule. Facilitated by Mindfulness Works founder and experience creator, Karl Baker.

Two 45-Minute Community Connection Events

You will be inspired and supported by a community of people learning what it means to be Radically Self-Accepting. Enjoy a safe, supportive and totally non-judgemental environment to share learnings, stories and tips and techniques. Don’t worry if you miss a sessions as they are all recorded and available for you to watch when you are ready. Facilitated by Mindfulness Works founder and experience creator, Karl Baker.

Two 1.5 Hour Live Master Classes

Your will learn the theory behind Radical Self-Acceptance, powerful psychological frameworks and tools to implement it in the Radical Self-Acceptance 90 minute Masterclass. You will be re-affirmed as you practice self-care, prioritising your own wellbeing with the Self-Care Essentials 90 minute workshop.

Kick-start your Radical-Self Acceptance experience with this Master Class extended version of Mindfulness Work’s most popular workshop. Learn how to move from the shame cycle to the awareness cycle, what Radical Self-Acceptance is, and discover how to be your own best friend.

Learn how to transform from feeling overwhelmed to experiencing joy through essential self-care skills. Discover the science behind self-care and learn how to easily incorporate it into your daily life.

Schedule And Programme: Next Experience Starts Sunday 23 June

All sessions are presented live and also recorded, so you can access them afterwards for the length of the experience.,

2 x 90-Minute Master Classes Dates & Times:

Radical Self-Acceptance Master-Class:  Sun 23 June 7.00pm AEST

Self-Care Essentials Master-Class: Sun 30 June 7.00pm AEST


14 Days of Radical Self-Acceptance Meditation Practice Dates & Times:

Morning 15 minute practice: Monday 23 June – Sunday 7 July. Every morning 7.00am AEST.

Evening 15 minute practice: Monday 23 June – Sunday 7 July. Every evening 7.00pm.

2 x 45-Minute Community Connection Sessions Dates & Times:

Community connection session 1: Wed 26 June 7.15pm – 8.00pm AEST

Community connection session 2: Wed 3 July 7.15pm – 8.00pm AEST

Are You Ready For The Journey Of A Lifetime?

“I invite you on the journey of a lifetime. Where the destination is unapologetically you.” – Karl Baker

My name is Karl Baker. I am the founder of Mindfulness Works. Over 40,000 people have completed the Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation course I created. 

I have designed the Radical Self-Acceptance 21 Day Experience to make it easy to embed the practice and feeling of Radical Self-Acceptance in your life.

Radical Self-Acceptance is fuelled by the glimpses of your inherent OKness, reminding ourselves again and again we are OK and learning to embrace all of the aspects of our psyche and life with unconditional love.

To make this happen, the Radical Self-Acceptance 21 Day Experience gives you two daily, live guided meditations, a committed community of fellow practitioners, two powerful 90 minute master-classes equipping you with psychological tools to deepen your capacity for Radical Self-Acceptance and Self-Care.

All sessions are live. The guided meditations and community connection events are facilitated by me.

“Karl has a gentle and reassuring message that we are all okay, exactly as we are, in this moment, no matter what is going on in life. Not only is radical acceptance explained, Karl has a way of personal sharing that suggests that ‘not good enough’ and comparison are untruths we tell ourselves. He easily infused a message of oneness, okay-ness and we’re alright as we are in the workshop. During the session, I felt at ease, seen, heard and supported along with the other group members. Feeling enough takes practise and certainly Karl is showing us the way. Thank you, Karl.” – Michelle Ryan

Extraordinary Value

  • 42 live guided meditations over 21 days. Valued at $175
  • 2 x 45 minute community and connection sessions. Learn from and with others (recorded so if you miss it you can view at any time).  Valued at $100
  • 2 x 90 minute masterclass workshops (recorded so if you miss it you can view at any time). Valued at $100

Get $375 worth of value and learning.

Radical Self-Acceptance 14 Day Experience:

$375 $99 Total Price


Yes! Register Me For The Radical Self-Acceptance 14 Day Experience for $99.

Your journey to self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

  • 21 Days Embedding Radical-Self Acceptance in Your Life.
  • Includes 2 live guided meditation sessions a day for 21 days
  • Includes 3 live community connection events
  • Includes 2 x 90 minute masterclasses
  • Includes completion certificate
  • $99 for total 21-day Radical Self-Acceptance Experience

Start your journey to Radical Self-Acceptance now and enjoy unparalleled support and expert guidance.

Two fifteen minute live guided meditations every day

Learn to supercharge your meditation practice so that is embeded in your life as a habit.

  • Live 15 minute guided meditation facilitated by Karl Baker, founder of Mindfulness Works
  • Morning align: Session 1 each day.
  • Evening unwind: Session 2 each day.

All sessions are provided live and also recorded so you can watch when you want. 

Two forty-five minute live community connection events

Practice in a community of people supporting each other on the journey of radical self-acceptance.

  • Live 45 minute community connection events facilitated by Karl Baker, founder of Mindfulness Works
    All sessions are provided live and also recorded so you can watch when you want. 

Two ninety minute live master class workshops

Learn powerful strategies, techniques and gain insights to prioritise your own wellbeing.

  • Live 90 minute Master Class sessions
  • Radical Self-Acceptance Master Class: Facilitated by Karl Baker
  • Essential Self-Care Skills Master Class: Facilitated by Michelle Eckles

All master classes are run live and also recorded so you can watch when you want.

Learn to supercharge your meditation practice so that is embeded as a habit. Learn to develop your meditation so it genuinely supports feelings of OKness and unconditional love.

Practice in a community of people supporting each other on the journey of radical self-acceptance. Learn from others and share what works. Practice powerful stratgies, technqies and gain insights.

Radical Self-Acceptance 14 Day Experience: Frequently Asked Questions

Radical self-acceptance is a relationship to yourself and life where you embrace all the aspects of your psyche with love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Instead of believing you are broken or need fixing, you tap into experiences of being complete, whole and OK.

Instead of rejecting any parts of yourself, you enter into a relationship with those parts with kind attention, leaning in to see what they have to say or what they want.

You do not have to have your camera on and you will not be ‘put on the spot’ or forced to speak in this workshop. You will also not be put into group situations where you are forced to speak.

We encourage you to have your camera on (we are all friends here), but it is not compulsory.

There are open discussions where people can volunteer to share, but no-one will have to or is singled out.

Yes, all sessions are recorded and available later for 2 weeks after the completion of the programme.

I encourage you to attend all the sessions to get the maximum benefit from the experience, however it is entirely up to you how many meditations or sessions you would like to attend.

The Zoom link for the daily sessions and the masterclasses is accessible once you register for the experience. Instructions are emailed to you.

All sessions are delivered live. There are no pre-recorded elements.