Workplace Mindfulness Training

Workplace Mindfulness Training

Research shows that workplace mindfulness training can improve performance, resiliency, memory, empathy, creativity and job satisfaction.

Mindfulness is the science of mental fitness. It’s a tool for increasing the strength and quality of our attention and enables us to stay focused and clear-minded.

In the workplace and with the complex demands of the digital age, mindfulness gives us a way to organise, protect and make best use of our minds and prevent them from getting cluttered.

Mindfulness Works For Organisations is the workplace training division of Mindfulness Works comprising Australasia’s largest team of highly-experienced mindfulness educators. We deliver in-person and on-line training throughout Australia and New Zealand. We can assist with:

  • Introductory workplace mindfulness sessions and courses
  • In-depth workplace mindfulness courses
  • Keynote and conference speaking
  • Designing and delivering workplace mindfulness and wellbeing programmes
  • Leadership mindfulness training
  • Themed workplace mindfulness workshops


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