Reduce anxiety, improve sleep and increase self-acceptance with mindfulness

“Mindfulness is a proven technique to support your mental health and wellbeing. Research has found that mindfulness can help you feel calmer, bring clarity and enhance your creativity and awareness.”


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The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased self-acceptance
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved self-regulation
  • Relaxation

Practical, non-religious mindfulness and meditation courses facilitated by Australian based experts

“Mindfulness interventions are highly effective at improving mental wellbeing in general populations, as well as clinical populations, with a robust evidence base supporting a wide number of approaches and delivery formats.”

– Dr Joep van Agteren, Dr Matthew Iasiello, Laura Lo – Beyond Blue

In-Person Courses

Online Zoom Courses

Workplace Training

How it works…

Step 1: Discover what mindfulness is and if it is right for you

Step 2: Learn why our course is the best way to learn mindfulness

Step 3: Find a course near you and book a time that suits

Evidence-based practices

Non-religious & practical

Includes 4 week sub to CALM

Feel the change in your life from day one

Experience a sense of calm and freedom with practical mindfulness meditation exercises you learn on day one of the course.

Increase feelings of OKness

Re-discover your inherent OKness. Equip yourself with practical strategies to remember that you are OK, even during the challenging times.

Reduce stress and anxiety

“Mindfulness helps you to keep your thoughts in the present moment. As you practice, you tend to get better at calming the mind and keeping things in perspective. ” — Dr Grant Blashki is a practising GP and Beyond Blue’s lead Clinical Advisor

self-acceptance and self-love

Mindfulness teaches us how to be more accepting and loving towards ourselves and to discover the joy in being imperfectly perfect, just as we are.

Built by Experts. Designed for Everyone.

Learn from the best. All our facilitators have extensive mindfulness experience and are accredited by Mindfulness Works to offer these courses.

We’ve Designed it with YOU in Mind.

Our course has been specifically designed for beginners and has a strong emphasis on simple and practical mindfulness strategies


We run the number 1 in-person beginners mindfulness course in Australia


Our courses all include 4 x 1 hour live sessions in a small group, a 45 page guidebook, downloadable guided mindfulness meditations and a 4 week subscription to the premium version of the CALM mindfulness app


Our courses are confidential and safe with skilled mindfulness trainers

Practical and Non-Religious Courses

No funny positions. No dogma.

Our courses are practical and designed for every day people.

We emphasise your own experience and trusting your own insight, awareness and wisdom as you develop it with mindfulness

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’ve got your back

If you are interested in learning mindfulness then you want to actually experience the benefits. We offer a full money back guarantee. If you attend all sessions of a course and feel you have not received benefit, we will refund you in full

“Thank goodness I came across Mindfulness Works. I have learnt so much in a year and am the happiest, most authentic and content that I have ever been. Learning acceptance without judgement has been an eye opener for me.”


We are Passionate about MINDFULNESS

Our team knows mindfulness and knows how to teach it

Learn from the best. Highly experienced, down to earth mindfulness teachers accredited by Mindfulness Works. Meet just 4 of our team here…

Anne Rodgers – MBSR Trained Teacher

Formerly Managing Director of Starcom, a global media and communications agency, Anne turned to yoga and mindfulness to support her own mental health and to cope with the rigours of business. Anne was so taken with the benefits of mindfulness with her own wellbeing, she took a great leap of faith and changed her life’s direction to share her passion with others. Anne is a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher.


Helene Orr – MBSR Trained Teacher

Helene is a mindfulness educator and currently teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in the community and in corporate settings and provides one-to-one coaching in health and wellbeing strategies, including meditation and mindfulness, through her company Insight Governance.

Gavin Eichholz

Gavin is a mindfulness-based coach and psychotherapist with a Masters in counselling and psychotherapy.

He is also a Chartered Accountant who has worked in corporates and accounting practices where he has held numerous roles at a manager and senior manager level.


Maurice Harvey-Hall

Maurice Harvey-Hall is a Mindfulness Practitioner and a practising Mental Health Nurse with a Masters in Mental Health Nursing and certificates in various psychotherapies. Maurice has been practising mindfulness for the past 20 years in different forms and mediums. He is also an avid triathlete who uses mindfulness in his training and racing. He is an authority in the field of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and utilises the ACT framework and meditation in his daily practice.



You’re only one click away from taking the step that could change and impact your life in a BIG way. We’re on a mission to foster self-love and acceptance in the world, so let’s get this started!


25,000 people and counting!

Our vision: “Improving the mental health of Australians and fostering self-love in all”

Mindfulness Works is the largest mindfulness training organisation in Australia. Over 25,000 people have completed the Mindfulness Works Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation 4-week in person course across Australia and New Zealand.

Mindfulness Works is committed to:

  • Providing accessible and affordable mindfulness courses.
  • Offering a diverse range of experienced and skilled mindfulness trainers.
  • Providing courses in a practical format with exceptional supporting resources.
  • Improving the mental health of all of us and fostering self-love in all.
  • Supporting our facilitators with options for further professional development.


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